About us

About Algolia

Algolia is the single best way to build search into your mobile app or website

Who we are ?

We are totally dedicated to our Quality, Services and Success. NopExpress has its own standards of excellence and optimistic definition of Search and discovery which is integrated with Algolia. NopExpress will help you to filter your products with the speed of 0.2ms.

Introducing NopExpress

NopExpress is the combination of NopCommerce and Algolia. You can discover fluent search with NopExpress. Filters like Price range, category, manufacturer and attributes are available.

How we started with Algolia ?

As we have the Nopcommerce customers, they were facing performance problems in their sites, so we found that performance was getting down due to sql and linq used by NopCommerce, our goal was to improve the site performance for our customers, so we tried with Apache Solr to increase the performance, but yet we were not satisfied with it and after that we implemented with Algolia and yes finally the result was WOW!